Bore grinding machine

Workpiece spindle:
     High rigidity of the workpiece spindle, the radial and axial runout are within 0.002mm,
With manual or hydraulic chuck jaw chuck (collet) to grind the workpiece clamping, show high stability and precision,

Depending on the size of the workpiece stepless variable speed to adjust the milling conditions. 

Built-wheel electric spindle:
     Built using the wheel spindle motor spindle, with low noise, vibration, torque, high efficiency,
Maximum speed up to 40000RPM, can achieve a variety of surface roughness requirements.


        Via self-developed interactive screen window, through graphics display and simple operation can be easily completed precision grinding, to reduce the defect rate and error.

YSIG series machine specifications            Units: Metric YSIG-8
Grinding capacity Abrasive Maximum aperture Ø80mm
Maximum Swing over bed Ø320mm
Maximum table rotation diameter Ø200mm
Maximum workpiece diamete 150 mm
Maximum workpiece length 100 mm
Spindle Manual jaw chuck size 7"
Spindle bore Ø52mm
Maximum spindle speed 1000rpm
Spindle motor output 3 HP/4P
Wheel main header Highest electric wheel spindle speed 40000 rpm
Electric spindle power output 3.7KW
X axis X-axis travel 250 mm
The minimum amount of movement of the X-axis 0.001mm
X-axis rapid traverse rate 18m/min
X-axis servo motor output power 0.5 KW
Z axis The minimum amount of movement of the Z axis 0.001mm
Z-axis rapid traverse rate 12m/min
Z-axis servo motor output power 1 KW
Z axis travel 200mm
cooling system Water tank capacity 80 L
Cutting pump motor output 3/4 HP
size and weight        Machine dimensions (length x width x height) 1700 x 1700 x 1700 mm
Machine Weight 1400 kg
Note: The manufacturer retains the right to change design specifications institutions,
in order to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice

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