Vertical lathe fixed beam and mobile crossbeam vertical lathe
YSVL series is a two-axis control of CNC vertical lathe, using FANUC or Mitsubishi CNC controller to control the X-axis (radial axis), into the Z-axis (axial feed axis) of the given position, cutter rotational positioning the speed control and ATC, as well as C-axis (workpiece spindle). X, Z axes are two hard track and the wedge design, and the contact surface interface using a special composite material to reduce the coefficient of friction and enhance wear resistance, resistance to stress, and reduce two-axis movement of the load of the motor, and thus enhance the positioning accuracy (X-axis 2μm micro feed without creeping condition).
YSVL series, with precision of polygon cutter arm assembly to enhance the rigidity of the Z-axis, in the same machine the workpiece to be within the same tool, concentric accuracy will be better when the outer diameter turning operation (error value is within 0.02mm / 600mm length); Patent hydraulic four-claw type coupling locking device can improve the dynamic rigidity of the tool configured for processing 500mm long holder still has high rigidity; ATC automatic tool changer configuration specifications BT50 knife magazine can be placed on the tool 12, provides a variety of turning operations. A number of optional devices can enhance YSVL series features: Optional power tool system, turning, milling, drilling and other operations; for workpiece machining neck or the back of the processing operations can be optional side head unit.
 YSVL series lathes have strengthened the rib box body design table and saddle are Meehanite casting machine to ensure high rigidity and stability as well as the quality and life of the machine. Chip conveyor and water tank adopt hidden design, saving machine footprint. Close type sheet metal sliding doors and a large work to provide sufficient room for maneuver and ensure operational safety. For large, heavy-duty horizontal lathe and other parts unusable, YSVL series is your best solution.

Dynamic force main shaft torsion FIG.
Working disk spindle torsion FIG.
Tool holder SPEC SHEET

Working plate
Working plate appearance size table
Independent four jaw
ATC system diagram tool

Minimum bore diameter plus public
Twin screw synchronized moves
● beam moves up and down stroke 800mm
● stepless positioning point
● synchronous translation twin screw, beam offset phenomenon will not increase the stability of movement of the upper and lower beams
Cross-car beam brake means
● Brake Assist, so that after positioning the locking beam
● Use four brake safety devices to ensure parallelism and stability of beams
Work spindle
● design, manufacture and assembly of the workpiece spindle, ISO specifications A2-15 nose,
        In addition to configuring precision double row roller bearings (NN) to enhance the accuracy, but also with a set of precision roller thrust bearings, axial load lifting.
● spindle motor (22 / 26KW) with high-and low-grade (reduction ratio 1: 2/1: 6) gear reducer lifting torque (lifting 3 times and 9 times),
     When through the regulation of the belt drive to the workpiece spindle. Optional with increased motor horsepower (30 / 37KW); or choose a gear
     System eliminates belt drive.
Patent Group 4 BT50 pull tip + + coupling hydraulic locking mechanism
● YSVL Series Configuration 12 tool ATC system, based on the actual needs of the job has CNC machining program control
    ATC operations, complete and diverse processing operations under a single holding, to ensure accuracy. Patent Tool Link system,               two-piece  Plus 4 coupling device and group BT50 broach broaches hydraulic device is designed to strengthen links rigidity can easily         be re-cutting operation. YSVL series can clamp shank length to 500mm long.
Patent precision octagonal knife arm assembly
● Z-axis of the arm polygon design of exclusive, precision machined grinding treatment, a double wedge design strengthen the overall            rigidity,Not because of different inner and outer diameter of the turning direction of the force which affect the accuracy of performance
● and the sliding contact surfaces using a composite material to reduce the coefficient of friction and enhance wear resistance, resistance      to stress, 1μm micro feed operations can easily reach to make. In the same machine the workpiece to be within the same tool, when the    outer diameter turning operations concentric accuracy can be achieved within the error value 0.02mm / 600mm long.
Dynamic power tool system (optional feature)
If necessary for turning, milling, drilling, tapping and other processing operations on YSVL series equipment, optional power knife system:
● with a power output shaft of the motor power 5.5 / 7.5KW or 7.5 / 11KW.
● power shaft maximum speed 2000rpm.
● workpiece spindle Cs-axis positioning, positioning accuracy of 30 seconds, two-stage brake device configuration.
Side of the head means (optional feature)
If necessary on YSVL Series devices workpiece machining neck or the back of the machining operation, optional side head unit:
● U / W two-axis CNC control
● W-axis lower stroke: 800 mm; U-Axis Travel: 550mm
● four knives cutter bit size 200x200mm, manual tool change.
  Product Specifications
Mechanical SPEC SHEET Unit YSVL-1000 CNC YSVL-1000M CNC YSVL-1250 CNC YSVL-1600 CNC
Diameter disk mm ϕ1000 1250 1600
The maximum diameter of the rotation mm ϕ 1200 1600 2000
The maximum cutting diameter mm ϕ 1200 1600 2000
Maximum workpiece height mm 800(Opt.1100) 1250 1600
Maximum workpiece weight kg 4000kg 9000 14000
Maximum torque N-m 9000 13160 22910
Minimum travel unit mm 0.001
Left and right (X) axis travel mm -100~1050 -200~1700 -250~23000
The vertical (Z) axis travel mm 800(1000) 1000 100
The arm size mm 240x220
The arm by the minimum size hole mm 260
X-axis rapid traverse m/min 10 12
Z-axis rapid traverse m/min 15 10
Working speed lift (2 sections) rpm 1~500 2-110,2~350 1~60,2-250
Beam up and down stroke mm --- 800
Tool size mm 32 X 32
Spindle motor kW 22/26(Opt.30/37) AC 30/37 AC 37/45
X / Z-axis servomotor kW 7/7 6/6
Total power demand kVA 60
Machine size (length X width X height) mm 3600x3000x4200 4765x2785x5210 5190x3460x5875
Weight      kg 150000 20000 28000
Series Accessories
Tool storage capacity ports 12-
Maximum tool length mm 400 -For Turning 450
Maximum tool weight kg 50-
M Series Accessories
Tool storage capacity tool 18
Maximum tool length mm 450(including dynamic and fixed cutter)
Maximum drilling diameter   50(workpiece material is carbon steel)
Maximum tapping diameter   M30 (the workpiece material is carbon steel)
The maximum drilling torque N-m 196
Power spindle speed rpm 2-2400 50-2250
C-axis maximum speed rpm 3
C-axis maximum feed Deg/min 0-800
Power spindle motor kw AC 15 / 11 AC 18.5 / 15
CF-axis servomotor kw 3
Dao Specifications kg BT 50-
Note: The manufacturer retains the right to change design specifications institutions, in order to improve the performance of the machine without prior notice.