Inverted vertical lathe
YSVL Series lathe production lathe shaped specifically designed for automation, due to the movement of the spindle to point reclaimer, to do all kinds of fixed turret cutting step, after the completion of processing to the finished product conveyor cutting, so repeated continuously processing, so that the highest level of automation, the machine includes a strengthening of the rib box body design table and saddle are Meehanite casting machine to ensure high rigidity and stability as well as the quality and life of the machine.
                 This machine adopts twin full hard rail design, hard track high frequency heat treatment, the contact surface paste abrasion resistant material to reduce friction, can achieve smooth feed
Work spindle
If necessary on YSVL Series devices workpiece machining neck or the back of the machining operation, optional side head unit:
● to design, manufacture and assembly of the workpiece spindle, ISO specifications A2-5
   Nose, in addition to dual-stage bevel-precision bearings Group to enhance accuracy.
● Built-in spindle motor, belt drive to reduce vibration caused to maintain the accuracy of up to 0.002mm.
Central lubrication
YSVL-160 arranged on the central lubrication system controlled by CNC status by centralized management of each axis Integrated Lubrication:
● each axis slide, controlled by the CNC screw timely and adequate supply
● When saving standby fuel
● Adjustable at any time - the amount of oil and fuel supply frequency
Power tool system (optional feature)
Often with a 12-station servo-hydraulic turret to process:
● do inside and outside diameter cutting threading ... and other processing.
● power turret with VDI 30 (DIN5480) milling functions do maximum speed 4000rpm.
● workpiece spindle Cs-axis positioning, positioning accuracy of 30 seconds, two-stage brake device configuration.
● Independent blowing means.
Automatic feeding device to send
If necessary, feeding device:
● The machine with automatic loading and unloading device
Tool measuring (special accessory)
If necessary tool measuring:
● Easy to replace tool
● Removable type tool measuring system
If necessary chip devices:
● can be timed in addition to chip, chip in fully automatic operation is very important
● below the workspace has a great chip space and in addition to chip machine with no dust accumulation on the doubts
  Product Specifications
YSVL-160T CNC vertical lathe
Specifications Unit  
Max Rotary diameter mm 300
The maximum machining length mm 250
The maximum machining diameter mm 150
Bore the maximum processing depth mm 120
spindle nose A2-5  
Spindle speed RPM 5000
Chuck size 英吋 6
Shaft horsepower KW 5.5/7.5
X axis travel mm 600
X-axis motor KW 2.2
X-axis rapid traverse M 24
Z-axis trave mm 250
Z-axis motor KW 2.2
Z-axis rapid traverse M 24
Tool number Servo-hydraulic turret 12
Tool size mm 20
Mechanical Dimensions mm 32
Net weight        2000X1500X2200

Standard equipment:

1. Mitsubishi controller
2. Full cover sheet metal
3. Hydraulic system 4. The cutting device containing water tank
5. The electric control box heat exchange means 6.6 "jaw chuck (including 3 soft jaws pay pay hard jaws 1)
7. toolbox and horizontal adjustment block 8. Spindle blowing (including FRL)
9. Automatic power-off function 10. The illumination device
11. 1-year warranty 12.12 set four groups and the outer diameter of the compact knife knife block bore
Special accessories:

1. Power Turret
2. Chip conveyor
3. Transformers 4. Easy loading and unloading (including the belt)
5. The tool measuring 6. driven tools

1. Direct-spindle structure
2. The work on clearing debris simply hanging
3. The additional power turret can do drilling and milling features Milling Center
4. With easy transport to bring complete unmanned automated loading and unloading
5. The spindle can achieve complete flip chip features