Mitsubishi CNC lathe comb
BOBCAT series is a two-axis control CNC precision CNC lathes, BOBCAT I & BOBCAT II CNC lathe spindle with collet-type or jaw hydraulic chuck chuck pressure and ultra-precision, we will do all kinds of special processing.
Mitsubishi CNC controller to control the X-axis (radial axis), Z-axis (axial feed axis) of the feeding and positioning.
X, Z axes are two hard track and the wedge design, two axes with direct drive belt corollary reduce backlash, with moving and other issues.
And the contact surface of a composite material to reduce the coefficient of friction and enhance wear resistance, resistance to stress, and reduce two-axis movement of the motor load, thereby enhancing the positioning accuracy.
Tigers series has a variety of combinations, plus 8-station turret can process multi-process parts, plus bar feeding process diameter 42MM following parts, cutting detecting whether processed items removed to prevent the collision,
Additional tailstock processed long rod parts, with simple materials and formula feeding before and after the catcher did not catch parts, tigers series is the best of the small part machining solution.
Short stick material feeding machine
● tigers with automatic feeder (1.2 m or 3 m) to do automatic feeding device, and with the front or rear of the Company to complete the splice device fully automated.
After Party Splice
● front or rear of the Company splice device with 1.2 m or 3 m bar feeder or improvised feeding device developed by the company to complete the fully automated, it has the advantage of saving unloading time.
Type water separation tank
 ● Separate the water tank and machine body apart, replace coolant and clean the tank fouling.
Simple and easy feeding means
● according to customer needs to provide easy loading and unloading device of a single piece, using artificial nesting mode, the servo axis into the workpiece spindle, after cutting complete access from the front feeder splice sent after a given segment from the conveyor belt, for income materials inspection.
Check out the cut-off
● In automatic bar feeding, check whether the piece is not cutting process is completed, in order to prevent the collision the next process arising.
Biography move straight junction
● X-axis Z-axis linear junction drive, do not use the belt drive, the drive to reduce misalignment in the binding curves backlash and arc cutting reversing achieve the perfect combination.
Check out the main shaft position
● Spindle speed and indexing using a decoder direct reading position of the spindle, the belt drive will not produce cars teeth and feed is not smooth.
Zhen roundness test
● overall performance by Zhen cutting machine roundness measurement results: As of performance.
● material: powder metallurgy cutting
● Condition: 180 M / min
● Feed: 0.1mm / per revolution

MT4 tailstock
● can be fixed with a hydraulic tailstock
● tailstock spindle travel 130mm
● Specifications : MT4
Built-in motor
● High speeds up to 8000 rpm or more, no drive belt to increase stability and reduce noise
● Built-A2-4 spindle due to high stability, with BOBCAT I, refined car can reach up to Ra 0.04 S Mirror level
Car or brake means 12 positioning
● Integral spindle ISO A2-4, with the means to improve the stability Diesha
● positioning plus supply and demand, the 12-point positioning and easy replacement chuck
Side milling seat
 ● do radial and axial drilling and milling functions
● highest rotational speed: 3000 rpm
● nose end gripping: E ​​R 20 collet
● Horsepower: 200W
Air pressure thin-film clip head
● clamping force can be precision fine-tuning the working pressure for holding the fragile or easily deformable workpieces
● Repeat holder positioning accuracy up to 0.0005mm (0.5μm)
● Applicable tigers No. 1
● aviation instrument for high precision optical components and cutting
Blowing air tool
● Clear tool iron residue
● use M Code Control blowing action
● applicable continuous process, will not hinder iron downtime
  Product Specifications